Welcome to The John Guilfoil Companies

Welcome to JohnGuilfoil.com, the Internet’s placeholder for websites created by John Guilfoil Public Relations LLC and B Media Ventures LLC.

The two independent companies are wholly owned by John Guilfoil. John Guilfoil Public Relations LLC is based at JGPR.net. The company offers public relations, crisis management, media training, social media, and web design services for its client base of police and fire departments and small businesses, restaurants, and startup tech firms.

John Guilfoil Public Relations LLC

John Guilfoil Public Relations is based in Gerogetown, Mass. Drawing on John Guilfoil’s experience as a crime/fire reporter and a government public relations officer, his team helps law enforcement agencies, fire departments, government agencies, and small businesses handle all aspects of public relations.

Services include: media relations, spokesman duties, crisis management, social media, emergency/disaster communications, product launches, business openings, web design, writing, consulting, and branding.

JGPR also conducts media training sessions with emergency workers around New England and beyond.

B Media Ventures LLC

B Media Ventures LLC was founded in 2006 with the mission of creating and publishing a magazine entirely online. It’s flagship brand is BlastMagazine.com, a Gen-Y lifestyle portal focusing on video games, television, movies, and music. Blast Magazine has spawned several sister sites including an automotive news and how-to site; a women’s news and interests site; a men’s site; a food/recipes site; and a mobile app news and review site.

B Media also publishes Air Cache, an air and space news portal that was originally founded in 1997.

Visit bmediaventures.com for more information!